Busby New Year 2009 – Never Give Up Till The End

Busby SEO Test only 30 days left. Who is gonna win Busby SEO competition? And who is gonna bring money home? This SEO war and contest will end at 31st January 2009 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.

This Busby SEO Test is the first SEO competition for me and it’s very hard. Ohhh…well maybe I lack of SEO knowledge and experience. But what make me proud is till now I can beat hundreds of other contestants and holds 51th place in ranking (1 January 2009).

Maybe this is my last post about Busby SEO Test, and the last Busby SEO Test Wallpaper, but I never give up till the end. May the best one win!

Busby SEO Test New Year 2009

Busby SEO Test New Year 2009

Busby SEO Test Seventh Day

Busby SEO Test has run for 7 days. In fourth day, when I read Google Forum Busby Forum, I realized that in Busby SEO Test we are not allow to use 3 words from the keyphrase for domain name i.e. Busby, SEO, and Test . So, I change my domain name from seofreedom.my24hours.net become smystery.my24hours.net . And I must start from beginning again. Till now I don’t see my blog at 10 Google page, poor me. But don’t worry there’s still a lot of time.

Now I just need to fill this blog with interesting content. Because Busby SEO Test is only for 4 months and I don’t want to waste this domain, so I decide to fill this blog with what I like such SEO articles, mystery books and my photoshop graphic design practices ( Wallpapers ).