Guide For Buying a Golf Swing Book

Buying any product online can be scary, and a golf swing book is no exception. You sometimes do not know what you are getting until you have completed the transaction. However, there is some advice you can follow to find the most beneficial online golf guide for your needs.

Start by performing an internet search of online golf books. Type the phrase into Google or Yahoo, and browse through the results you find. You will likely find a few products that seem to meet what you are looking for. Visit the pages of each one. Books that have sloppy, hard to follow sales pages are likely to be low quality and unhelpful themselves. Once you have picked a few that have nice websites, you can move onto the next steps. Continue reading “Guide For Buying a Golf Swing Book”

Address Position In Golf Swing: 7 Points To Remember

Experienced golfers, veterans as well as beginners often overlook the importance of mastering an essential aspect of a golf swing called the address position. The basic factors that should be considered when performing a golf swing include the golfers grip on the club, his / her stance and the position of the ball. The mastering of one’s address position when performing a golf swing allows the carrying out of a better swing and this will result in better scores. This is thus one area that needs to be given a fair deal of attention by golfers.

A golfers set up in preparation to performing a golf stroke is referred to as his address position. Here, particular attention should be paid to the position of the golfer’s feet and hands and the position of the ball. One can learn a suitable address position as well as avoid making some mistakes by following these simple guidelines:

Professional golfers maintain balanced swings throughout the entire course. This is due to their mastery of address position. A golfer needs to keep a good posture and a robust foundation when he steps up to perform a golf swing. This will ensure good balance and allow the golfer to perform a strike with a square club face. Continue reading “Address Position In Golf Swing: 7 Points To Remember”