What Makes A Great Golf Resort?

Good things do not always come in small packages: if one were to believe the wonder, the thrill, the dedication and the acres of green spread out for a golf links, yes, one would wonder at the remark for a great golf course requires oodles and oodles of space, if not more for perhaps other fringe benefits like a spa and dining club etc. Yes, the more up-market golf resorts are something akin to a mini township if one were to believe the kind of facilities these promise to provide the members-only (and at times, the prohibitive fees are what keep the riff-raff out too) so that the gentry is of a standard kind and socializing a pleasure as much as an art.

Most of the modern day golf courses cater to not only golf enthusiasts but also to their partners or spouses who typically come along for the fun of a vacation to such a specialized entertainment and gaming zone: this is why vacation golf courses have taken so much precedence over the local chapters! Continue reading “What Makes A Great Golf Resort?”