How to Choose The Right Golf Equipment

To choose the right golf equipment can mean the difference between having great game after great game and having not-so-great games.The right golf equipment means having drivers, shafts, gloves and other accessories that work with your body, your style and your capabilities. Your game, your swing, your body and your personal preferences should all be taken into account when making golf equipment purchases. By doing so, you will ensure that your golf scores drop! Think of the big celebrities in the world of golf: Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Phil Mickelson. Like the rest of us, they struggled to find the clubs and shafts that fit just right. You may have to try out several different sizes and styles before you find the right fit. Don’t make a quick, impulse purchase, or you may have second thoughts and regrets later. Continue reading “How to Choose The Right Golf Equipment”

Guide To Find Good Golf Shoes

There are two tips ti find good golf shoes for a good game of golf. Like any other out door game for golf too we need to remember that proper pair of golf shoe is a must. In a golf course a golfer need to move around on a vast landscape which will require good shoes. Golfers require pair of golf shoes to get good grip to the ground while movement during the swing. Good golf shoes provide a lot of support during the game and also make the golfer feel comfortable and enjoy his game. It helps the golfer to feel confident while he can comfortably play. For a start following are the few tips provided to choose the best golf shoe. Continue reading “Guide To Find Good Golf Shoes”

Guide For Buying a Golf Swing Book

Buying any product online can be scary, and a golf swing book is no exception. You sometimes do not know what you are getting until you have completed the transaction. However, there is some advice you can follow to find the most beneficial online golf guide for your needs.

Start by performing an internet search of online golf books. Type the phrase into Google or Yahoo, and browse through the results you find. You will likely find a few products that seem to meet what you are looking for. Visit the pages of each one. Books that have sloppy, hard to follow sales pages are likely to be low quality and unhelpful themselves. Once you have picked a few that have nice websites, you can move onto the next steps. Continue reading “Guide For Buying a Golf Swing Book”

How to Choose the Right Golf Coach

There are quite a number of experienced golfers out there and some of them are generally one of the world’s best swingers. There is certainly a lot that has been done by many of these players in order to master the perfect swing. Well, who can we say is truly behind the player’s perfect swing? Yes, indeed you will agree with me that behind the worlds greatest gofer is the coach. The coach is one person who motivates the golf player into achieving the right skills that bring the best results in the field on golf. There is certainly a lot that comes in mind when one needs to choose the right coach in order to have best results. Well, what then must we consider when choosing the right coach? Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Golf Coach”

Guide to Hit the Ball Like Tiger Woods

Every golfer’s dream is to have the Tiger Woods golf swing. They want to emulate the swing and shot like a pro. But what makes it so different to the swing of other golfers. Well, he uses the full back swing technique to maximize power and distance. This requires some special training methods but if you implement some of them you will see a fast improvements in your game.

At first I have to say that the most pro golfers are using these routines. Physical fitness is the key to get the Tiger Woods golf swing or a good pro golfer technique. Continue reading “Guide to Hit the Ball Like Tiger Woods”