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Behind Effectivity of Tiger Woods Golf Swing Technique

Until today Tiger Woods is still number one in golf world. Golf sensation Tiger Woods’ golf swing technique has been the subject of many interesting studies. What is behind effectivity of Tiger Woods Golf  swing technique? Let’s talk about it. We can know the secret behind effectivity of Tiger Woods Golf swing technique in a […]

Tiger Woods: I was raised a Buddhist

In the theatre of American public apologies (19/2), it’s common for celebrities to invoke their faith. Disgraced golf superstar Tiger Woods did it Friday, in fact, with a twist. He cited the role of Buddhism in his life – and will look to it to help him recover from serial infidelity. “I have a lot […]

Tiger Woods: He Himself Responsible for Accident

In a statement on his website, Woods said he alone was responsible for the accident which had invited the world’s attention on his personal life. “It was my mistake and very embarrassing for my family and me,” Woods said. “I’m an imperfect human being. I will make sure this will not happen again.” Woods again […]

Guide to Hit the Ball Like Tiger Woods

Every golfer’s dream is to have the Tiger Woods golf swing. They want to emulate the swing and shot like a pro. But what makes it so different to the swing of other golfers. Well, he uses the full back swing technique to maximize power and distance. This requires some special training methods but if […]

Bench Press of Tiger Woods

A single question for professional golfer like Tiger Woods, “How much can Tiger Woods bench press?” Tiger Woods bench press is reported to be around 300 lbs. Surprised? Not really if we already know that he has been weight training since he was 21. Every exercise he does is designed to aid his golf game […]