Busby SEO Test Golf

Set Priorities in XML Sitemap for Busby SEO Test

Yesterday, my Busby SEO Test suddenly disappear from Google page. After searching for the error, I found that my XML sitemap is the cause of the error. The wrong setting of XML sitemap Change frequencies and Priorities can make your web disappear from Google page just like my  blog. If all the URLs in your […]

Matrix Busby SEO Test Wallpaper 4

I miss 2 days for update this Busby SEO Test blog. Today I post my graphic design practice for Busby SEO Test Wallpaper 4. Inspired by The Matrix movie. The title: Matrix Busby. And don’t forget, if you like this Busby SEO Wallpaper, please leave a comment. Matrix Busby

My Busby SEO Test at Google Index Rank

My Busby SEO Test blog still under ground at Google Index rank. This Busby SEO Test is very hard but I never give up till the end. just need hard work.

Busby SEO Test Wallpaper 3

Today I post my graphic design practice for Busby SEO Wallpaper 3. As you can see, it’s a same image like my early post about Busby SEO Test is a Key Phrase. Inspired by murder case in mystery stories Busby SEO Test Victim . The title: Busby SEO Test is Killing Me. I use adobe […]

Busby SEO Test Wallpaper 2

Busby SEO Test Wallpaper 2 . This my graphic design wallpaper inspired by beauty of Australia’s nature and Perth City. As you can see, there is kangaroo and koala. The flags as representative of the countries in the world (sorry if your country’s flag is not there). And the title is : Busby SEO World […]