Busby SEO Test Golf


Cookies Cookies are pieces of information that a web site can transfer to an individual’s web browser on their computer hard drive for record keeping when you visit such sites or blog. Cookies can make using web sites easier by storing information about your preferences on a particular web site. The information remains on your […]

AdSense for Unused Domains

What is AdSense for domains? AdSense for domains allows publishers with unused domains to help users reach relevant information by presenting content on the domains. Users often type domains into their address bar or follow expired links leading to sites with no content. Instead of an “under construction” page or 404 error, AdSense for domains […]

Set Priorities in XML Sitemap for Busby SEO Test

Yesterday, my Busby SEO Test suddenly disappear from Google page. After searching for the error, I found that my XML sitemap is the cause of the error. The wrong setting of XML sitemap Change frequencies and Priorities can make your web disappear from Google page just like my  blog. If all the URLs in your […]

My Busby SEO Test Still Underground

I don’t know what happen to my Busby SEO Test blog with my graphic design , it’s still underground and in page 31 at Google Index Ranks. First I try to change my server because I thought has a problem. Second, I try to give more and more backlinks and then I change template, and […]

My Busby SEO Test at Google Index Rank

My Busby SEO Test blog still under ground at Google Index rank. This Busby SEO Test is very hard but I never give up till the end. just need hard work.