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Using GPS for Golf Carts

When you think of Global Positioning Systems or GPS, golf probably doesn’t come to mind. Automobiles, boats, cell phones, etc., are most commonly associated with GPS. But lately, you’re likely to find it installed on the rental carts at some of the more prestigious golf courses. The great thing about this is you can see […]

Buying Golf Cart? – 4 Tips Before You Own One

Quite few people essentially come up with good reasons about purchasing golf carts for their own and personal usage. When you decide you essentially require a golf cart then there are quite a few things that must be kept in mind so as to make a good purchase decision possible. It is true that purchasing […]

Can You Do Your Own Golf Cart Maintenance?

Golf carts are something that many people not only want to have but also need to have. It can be awfully tiring to trek across the golf course every day and for some people, especially those who are older or not in the best health it can be downright impossible. That is why they need […]