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Golf Ball Retrievers – 4 Types Of Handy Ball Savers

A great number of golfers wonder how can one ever get along with a golf ball retriever. An interesting type of a golf retriever is one that is one long metal pole having telescopic properties and used frequently by golfers to retrieve golf balls from water. Such kind of retriever when dipped into the water […]

Golf Ball Vs Golf Ball – Pick Your Side!

Broadly classifying, there are three major categories of golf balls available in the market. To start with, there are one-piece golf balls that are used mainly for practicing purposes and are relatively cheaper. Then you have the two-piece and the three-piece golf balls. What you finally buy will depend on what are your credentials on […]

Focus The Ball – The Mantra Of The Game

The possibility of hitting the golf ball is greatly reduced the moment you take your eyes off the ball. This is true not only in golf but in several sports. While playing golf, the common mistake made by golfers is either looking at eh club head or in the direction that they want the ball […]

A Modern Look Into Golf Ball Compression That Improves Your Game

Since the beginning of golf, golf ball compression have been widely debated and discussed among golfers. As technology have advanced into the modern age, golf balls have become better than before. Just through technology alone, the evolution of golf ball has wiped out most of the hard core and old Balata wound golf ball out […]