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The Smiley Face Killer is Back!

Just like a horror movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” or “SAW V”, The Smiley Face Killer is back! Here a little review about The Smiley Face Killer . The Smiley Face Killer refers to a theory originally advanced by two retired New York City detectives, Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, that a […]

Traci Rhode was Convicted of Killing Her Husband

Traci Rhode, 38, had worked as a nurse for the past 18 years. Traci Rhode was alleged to have shot dead her husband, Scott Rhode in October 2003. Traci Rhode was killing her husband by a gun that was fired through a pillow resting on his head. Traci said Scott Rhode fatally shot himself. So, […]

The Trials of Marcus Schrenker

Because the incident involved an aircraft, and crimes spanned a number of states, including one coastal state, Marcus Schrenker (38) may be prosecuted by the United States Coast Guard, the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as Indiana, Alabama, and Florida law enforcement. In January 2008, The Indiana Department of Insurance filed a complaint against Schrenker […]