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Using GPS for Golf Carts

When you think of Global Positioning Systems or GPS, golf probably doesn’t come to mind. Automobiles, boats, cell phones, etc., are most commonly associated with GPS. But lately, you’re likely to find it installed on the rental carts at some of the more prestigious golf courses. The great thing about this is you can see […]

Want to be A Great Senior Golf Pro? Consider the Following Tips

How to be a great senior golf pro? There are nine things will help make you a great senior golf player. There is attitude, concentration and focus, recovery of the game, practice, fitness, technique and foundation, balance and distance. Keep in mind that these are the foundation to becoming a seasoned golf player and will […]

Perfect Spot for Golf Vacation in Spain

If you are asked, where is the perfect place for golf vacation? Some people will answer, golf vacation in Spain is best for golf lovers. Why? Because here one can enjoy the pleasure of numerous golf courses coupled with beautiful natural scenario. Golf vacation in Spain is perfect for those who want a break from […]

How to Choose the Right Golf Instruction Books for Amateurs

You want to be a golfer, but you can not afford to hire a golf coach, so you decide to buy the golf books at online bookstores such as Amazon.com. With so many golf instruction books to buy from the online book store, you have the tendency is to buy them all. But wait! That’s […]

How to Build The Swing You Want

How to Build The Swing You Want Follow Adam Scott’s simple steps for better ballstriking, more control and lower scores By PGA Tour Player Adam Scott With Michael Walker Jr. Credit: Robert Beck source: www.golf.com KEEP IT SIMPLE You know the feeling. You pose like a superhero after a 260-yard bomb and feel like your […]