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Using GPS for Golf Carts

When you think of Global Positioning Systems or GPS, golf probably doesn’t come to mind. Automobiles, boats, cell phones, etc., are most commonly associated with GPS. But lately, you’re likely to find it installed on the rental carts at some of the more prestigious golf courses. The great thing about this is you can see how far your ball is from the hole you are playing, along with your location on the map. Selecting the proper club for the next shot is a no brainer. If there is an obstacle in your shot path, such as a hill or tree, the GPS can determine the height of it. You can then decide what kind of arc you will need on your shot to get over the obstacle.

A great thing about this device is that it actually cuts down on your time on the course. No more blind shots into the sun since the GPS displays the distance to the hole digitally in standard or metric measurement. This will speed up your club selection since you will know the exact distance. This will help you play a lot better and quicker, due to the time saved managing the course. You won’t cause the group behind you to have to wait since you’ll know which club to use. If you’ve ever had to wave the following group through, you know how embarrassing this can be. For the accurate distance, all it takes is to turn the GPS on. With the data you’re given, pick your club and make the shot. Nothing could be easier.

The satellite service is free, which good news to the course owner. Anyone can access the GPS service, because it is owned by the government. There are different types of units, and the one we’re talking about here will provide golfers with the desired information. To get the correct distance from your location to the location of the hole, simply enter the location of the flag. The device needs high speed internet service, usually provided by the course, for its tracking capabilities. The GPS unit receives a signal from a remote modem, which is linked to a mainframe computer, and the information is then delivered by a satellite. This all takes place within a few seconds.

The extra features that come with GPS have caused many course owners to purchase them for all of their golf carts. You can see the location of all of your golf carts right on a computer screen. You can find out the speed of play for all of the course. So, before a complaint can be called into the club house, you can contact a course ranger to head off the problem before it happens. The price for a GPS device installed on a cart can cost anywhere from six hundred dollars on up. For the individual golfer, this unit can cost between two and four hundred dollars. Luckily for course owners, this price will be a lot lower if they are buying the system for a fleet of golf carts.