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How to Choose the Right Golf Instruction Books for Amateurs

You want to be a golfer, but you can not afford to hire a golf coach, so you decide to buy the golf books at online bookstores such as Amazon.com. With so many golf instruction books to buy from the online book store, you have the tendency is to buy them all. But wait! That’s expensive! When you look at each book, you could almost see the same thing. It only varies in texture of the book material made, a slight difference in pictures from each book. You get attracted to the pictures and the diagrams, and formulas and you feel you can be a better player when you follow all of it. Each one is born unique.

There is a book out there that will fit your needs and may answer to your problem. A caddie, who used to pick up balls all his life, got interested in golf and became curious on techniques of how to win golf. There are techniques he sees from the players, and how he wishes he could comment of what he thinks should be, but no, he does not. He knows this game is not a” fit to all “game.

The first step; Identify the need of your golf game. If your aim is to put the ball in every hole, you may need a mental book, where in your error and trial way is a sure ball, and once you get the ball in; you will try to swing your club with the same threshold, the way you luckily shoot the ball in the hole.

Secondly, if you seem to three putts in every hole, maybe you need a book with tips in putting. The next step, after determining the part of the book you think fits you; see if you understand the book. If you think you learn best by visual learning, buy instructional videos. If you learn by mimicking, find a book with lots of pictures. Try to imitate different positions you have seen in front of the mirror. Copy their moves and feel what it is like to be in the right position. If you learn by hearing, find some that have audio tapes. Play the tape and listen while on your way home.

Whatever the case maybe in your personal learning, be sure you get what works for you best. In this way, you save money and time.

Everyone needs help every now and then. Rely on the book you purchased you feel confident it can help your golf game.