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Tiger Woods: He Himself Responsible for Accident

In a statement on his website, Woods said he alone was responsible for the accident which had invited the world’s attention on his personal life.

“It was my mistake and very embarrassing for my family and me,” Woods said. “I’m an imperfect human being. I will make sure this will not happen again.”

Woods again refused to speak to the patrol he expects Florida to describe the accident as part of the investigation.

The officer who declined on Friday and Saturday, are scheduled to meet Woods at his home and discusses how his car could hit the water hydrant and then a tree near her home on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida.

“Not yet rescheduled,” said Montes, who claimed that the accident would be investigated.

Woods is not obliged to make a statement about the traffic accident by the laws of Florida. The officer stated that alcohol is not a causative factor in the collision. Montes says it just wants a chance Woods explained his version of the incident.

Cadillac TFHP said Wood’s SUV crashed into the fire hydrant and a tree when he had just left the house in Windermere, Florida, Orlando area, approximately at 2:25 ET (07:25 British time).

Daniel Saylor, chief of police from regional Windermere, Orlando reported that Woods wife, Elin, has used his putter to break a window edge to help Woods out of the car when he heard the crash from the house.

Woods called the incident a private matter. “Although I realize there is a sense of curiosity and rumors,” he said.

Started speculation about the accident, the gossip site TMZ.com had reported a fight between Woods and his wife during the incident. t

According to the site, Nordegren confront her husband about the tabloids that he had an affair with a club owner in New York.

“The only thing wrong here is mine,” Woods said. “My wife, Elin, was panicked when he saw me hurt. He was the first person who helped me. Other things are not true.”

Woods treated for cuts on his face and has left hospital on Friday.

This time Woods was named the richest athletes in the world after a record-breaking U.S. PGA tour. Klau He won 71 PGA tour in the U.S., including 14 Major victories.