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Tips for Fix Golf Slice

You wind up, and come back down on the ball – you feel a solid impact as it seems like you crushed it. This is going to be a great shot – and then you look up and the ball is flying off in the wrong direction, yet again, you’ve sliced the ball.

Does this sound like your typical day at the course? For many it is – and luckily for you there’s a way to fix golf slice and start getting on the fairway where you should be. How would you like to increase your distance, reduce your mistakes and get to the green faster?

Of course you want all of those – or your not playing to win! If you fix golf slice – you do all of those at the same time with a few simple changes to your game. Being able to hit the fairway consistently is going to put a huge improvement into your game.

Stopping the dreaded slice is one of the first steps to becoming a better golfer. Forget buying new clubs, or hitting the ball farther because if you can’t get it to go straight and hit the fairway – you don’t have much real hope of getting any improvement in your game. Until you can fix this annoying problem – you can’t get anywhere with your game! So you want to fix golf slice?

Well there are several reasons why people slice the ball and it all boils down to the fundamentals. Your grip is usually at fault first and foremost. You need to make sure that you have a tight grip, which means moving your hands more counter clockwise if you’re right handed or the opposite if you’re left handed.

You really need to pay close attention and make sure you keep your grip tight in this way but not too tight in the literal sense. You shouldn’t be tense at all, make sure to only hold the club tight enough to maintain control.