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Posture, Alignment and Fitness Can Improve Your Golf Game

You can improve your golf game. To improve your golf game you will need to focus on the fundamentals. This article will give you give some advice on posture and foot setup, golf alignment and golf fitness. If you are new to golf or you have been playing for years; having the fundamentals mastered will equate to a better golf game.

Golf Swing Posture and Setup Position

When you have proper posture and foot placement you can maintain your balance throughout the swing. If you are new the great game of golf, having proper golf posture at first might not feel natural. Before you know it having good golf posture will second natural. Good golf posture means that your back is straight and your legs are bent.

Along with proper posture comes foot set up. The foot set up is different with every club. When you are using a “wood” you should be playing off your front foot. This means that your club is aligned over your front foot. So, if you are left-handed your front foot is your right foot. If you are right-handed your front foot is your left foot. The pitching wedge should be played off your back foot. And, all the other clubs fall somewhere in between.

Golf Alignment

If you have swing flaws, check your alignment. Of course not every swing is going to be perfect. Many inexperienced golfers mis-align their target before hitting the ball. The way to fix mis-alignment is to square up your stance. Here is the fix.

1. First find a target in the distance that you want to hit with the ball. Then take out 2 golf clubs that your rarely use.
2. Take the 1st club and lay it directly at the target. Take a couple of steps back to see that it is properly placed.
3. Place a second club parallel to the first club on the ground
4. Then remove the 1st club. At this point you will have one club that is parallel to left of target.

The club that is parallel on the ground is your guide to help you align your feet, knees, hips and shoulders squarely. At this point if you hit the ball to the left of the target you are pulling the ball. This means you are hitting the ball to hard with only your arms. If your hit the ball to the right of the target, you are sliding your body too much laterally through impact.

If you are mis-aligned don’t worry. Now you know how to fix your golf swing.

Golf Fitness

To have “golf fitness” you don’t have to spend hours at the gym working out. Muscle strength and flexibility with help with your golf swing. It is good to get into some type of fitness regiment. Concentrate on muscles that control the spine angle, your center of gravity and balance. Once these muscles are exercised regularly you will see an improvement in your golf swing. Proper exercise and stretching routines will ultimately improve your game.

Remember golf is a game that you can play for many years. It is a sport of all ages.