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Guide to Hit the Ball Like Tiger Woods

Every golfer’s dream is to have the Tiger Woods golf swing. They want to emulate the swing and shot like a pro. But what makes it so different to the swing of other golfers. Well, he uses the full back swing technique to maximize power and distance. This requires some special training methods but if you implement some of them you will see a fast improvements in your game.

At first I have to say that the most pro golfers are using these routines. Physical fitness is the key to get the Tiger Woods golf swing or a good pro golfer technique.

First you have to work on your flexibility to achieve more distance and control.

Okay here are some tips you can use to improve your game. With these methods you will be able to better your flexibility. Remember that you have to rotate your hips properly to hit the ball with power.

1. Extend your arm straight to the right (or the way around if you are left handed).
2. Place your extended hand on a golf club which is sitting on the ground. Put your other hand there too.
3. Now, put you upper body down and get pressure on the golf club. You should feel a stretch on your shoulder if done right.
4. Hold this position a few seconds. Maybe around 10 to 20 seconds. If it hurts to much just stop.
5. Now you can repeat this simple training method with the opposite side. This way you will have a total body workout here.

This is just a small training method pro golfers are using to get the Tiger Woods golf swing. Consistent is the key to success here. Implement a training routine and exercise to achieve more power and distance.

Like said above you need to rotate your hips to get more power. Do not try to get this with your shoulders. This way you will never take your game to the next level.

Just go on and try to find a good training guide to better your game and get the Tiger Woods golf swing. The best golf swing guide is the one that fits to your needs.