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Callaway Golf Shoes

It is a fact that we should all take better care of our feet, after all our feet bear all the weight of the rest of our body and are responsible for locomotion (our moving from place to place), but, we are all guilty of ignoring this area of our bodies.

Golfers are no exceptions to this rule, but, luckily for them Callaway golf shoes are designed to give comfort and support to this mistreated area of our anatomy.

Truth be told, Callaway golf have invested heavily in exciting innovations that are designed to add comfort to our feet.

Callaway’s Tour Authenticate Tour Prestige golf shoes incorporate DCT (dynamic cleat technology) which causes the golf shoe cleats to absorb the impact of each stride rather than a golfer’s feet and legs. Callaway’s proprietary Drysport Rainsport moisture management, also, feature in this golf shoe design, making sure that, not only, does a golfer’s feet stay dry in the wet, but, on hotter days moisture does not build up inside the golf shoe but is wicked away to the surface of the shoe, keeping feet cool and comfortable.

The xtra traction technology (XTT) on Callaway’s XTT FT golf shoes means that wherever a golfer finds himself on the course, be that bunker, slope or fairway, he will always be surefooted because Callaway have designed their golf shoe spikes to work independently of each other and to readjust their position to cope with differing golf course surfaces. Whilst the XWT (xtra width technologies) offers the opportunity for golfers to customise the width of their golf shoes from medium to wide or medium to narrow, to ensure a golfer has a perfect golf shoe fit.

Callaway’s Hyperbolic X golf shoes offer an ultra lightweight golf shoe which is created from full grain leather, which provides breathability, comfort and durability. Whilst their shock heel and heel grip technology means that there will be no sudden jarring, nor foot slipping inside a golfer’s shoe and that must, certainly, be good news for golfer’s feet.

Callaway manufacture a range of golf shoes that take care of a golfer’s feet, which allows the golfer to forget all about them and concentrate on his game.

Callaway golf shoes are available from Golfbuyitonline, in a host of colours, styles and price ranges and are offered with a waterproof guarantee. What more can feet need?