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The Secrets of Calorie Restriction diet plan for a Longer, Healthier Life

When it comes to living longer, scientists are discovering that less is more. By following Calorie Restriction (CR), a revolutionary diet that provides the body with fewer calories than is traditionally required, people are getting dramatic benefits.

The Longevity Diet offers clear, straightforward principles for devising an effective eating regimen to live longer and reduce the risks of virtually all the diseases of aging. The concept is simple and flexible—eat fewer calories and choose foods carefully. And it is supported by science: studies on lab mice and other mammals have led to lifespans the human equivalent of which are over 140 years, and many suggest that the benefits extend to humans.

The late Dr. Roy L. Walford spent much of his life’s work researching low-calorie diets, and is now recognized as a pioneer of what is widely recognized as “calorie restriction” (CR)—a diet consisting of fewer calories while maintaining adequate nutrition. This is the only diet that has been proven to retard aging and increase healthy life span in mammals. In just six months, by eating smaller amounts of highly nutritious foods, men in Dr. Walford’s studies were shown to lose an average of 26 pounds, and women an average of 15 pounds, while cholesterol levels dropped by an average of 68 points. Blood pressure levels dropped from an average of 110/75 to 90/58 after only three months.

In this tenth anniversary edition of The Anti-Aging Plan, Dr. Walford’s landmark book first published in 1994, Dr. Walford presents the results of his studies and clearly describes how the principles of nutrient-rich caloric limitation can be applied to everyday dieting habits. In the latter half of the book, Dr. Walford and his daughter Lisa, a chef and yoga instructor, offer over 100 delicious recipe ideas that apply to Dr. Walford’s diet plan.

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