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Golf Ball Vs Golf Ball – Pick Your Side!

Broadly classifying, there are three major categories of golf balls available in the market. To start with, there are one-piece golf balls that are used mainly for practicing purposes and are relatively cheaper. Then you have the two-piece and the three-piece golf balls. What you finally buy will depend on what are your credentials on the golf course and how do you plan to improve.

A two-piece golf ball is made up of a hardened rubber core covered with a plastic layer of surlyn. Almost all the golf balls have dimples on the exterior to aid the ball travel a long distance. Two-piece golf balls will be your ultimate choice if you are a beginner and want your hits to travel distance. However, they lack in good spin. These type of golf balls come in varied levels of hardness which can be felt easily with ones fingers. In order to cater to all kind of golfers, manufacturers normally produce very hard to very soft two-piece golf balls.

Just like the two-piece golf balls, the three-piece versions also have a proportionately larger rubber core. This is however, topped up with a thin layer of plastic followed by the uppermost layer of cover. There is another important variety of three-piece golf ball known as the wound ball available in the market. It contains a liquid center wounded up with the leather thread. The third layer of cover is either made up of balata, hard plastic or synthetic rubber. The three-piece golf ball provides great backspin, however, it is not recommended if you wish to hit long distances. Owing to its high cost, the wound ball is not very popular among the golf players.

Beginners normally prefer the two-piece golf balls as it helps them overcome the initial limitation of not being able to catch up on the distances. Thus, it is important to consider ones strengths and weaknesses before making the final selection of the golf ball.

On the other hand the three-piece golf balls are more popular with the seasoned golfers who look for consistency in their shots after having achieved the ability to hit long distances with ease. If you are starting to learn golf, you should just concentrate on hitting the balls perfectly and in correct direction rather than getting bothered about the spin. Once you have mastered the art of hitting perfectly, you can graduate to learning about spin maneuvers as well.

Almost all kinds of golf balls that find a place on the up-market shelves of prestigious golf stores can be classified into one, two or three-piece golf balls. Once you are aware which one suits you the best, you can go ahead and splurge! Have fun!

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