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Golf Ball Retrievers – 4 Types Of Handy Ball Savers

A great number of golfers wonder how can one ever get along with a golf ball retriever. An interesting type of a golf retriever is one that is one long metal pole having telescopic properties and used frequently by golfers to retrieve golf balls from water. Such kind of retriever when dipped into the water can scoop out golf balls with ease. It is till date the best method to recover lost golf balls from water.

Another innovative type of golf ball retriever is made up of a metal pole having a hoop at the bottom. It is often used to pick up balls from the green. Because of repetitive bending involved in picking up golf balls, it is quite a reprieve for golfers who often complain of backache. Regular use of this ‘golf hoop’ cuts down one’s bending on the golf course almost by 75%.

There are several more interesting varieties of golf ball retrievers available in the marketplace. They can be used not only to retrieve golf balls from water or plain grass, but also from the mud, tall grass or the sand. One such type is called trapper, used effectively to pull out golf balls from tall grass. A hinged head retriever that comes in varying lengths can scoop golf balls effectively out of tall grass or even water. Once you are able to aim and place the hoop around the golf ball, tightening up the lock-turn system will ensure its safe return into your hands.

The most inexpensive option among all types of the golf ball retrievers is the round head ball retriever that normally comes with a plastic ring attached at one end. The ball can be retrieved from both sides of the ring and once in possession, the ring almost clings onto the ball like a magnet, thus preventing it from falling out.

Golf ball retrievers are too useful to be ignored by any golfer. Owing to their flexibility in sizes, some of them can even fold up and fit into your pocket. Once you regularly start using one, you will wonder why you never had them earlier.