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Focus The Ball – The Mantra Of The Game

The possibility of hitting the golf ball is greatly reduced the moment you take your eyes off the ball. This is true not only in golf but in several sports. While playing golf, the common mistake made by golfers is either looking at eh club head or in the direction that they want the ball to travelin.

It is important to focus on the ball, preferably on a singular spot. Your eyes should not be drawn to the club head or the direction the ball is going to. All focus should be on the ball. The rest will come naturally if you ensure this.

Similarly, try and obtain a bird’s eye view of the ball. Don’t raise your shoulders in a bid to have a better view of the ball. Your eye level is naturally approximately one foot above your pivot. Additionally, don’t look at the ball along the line of your golf clubs shaft. Just look down at the ball. The angle will come naturally and you will be able to maintain this without looking away.

Many people find it hard to keep a constant gaze on the ball especially as they draw their clubs in preparation to strike. With some practice, you will overcome this and be able to keep your eyes on the ball throughout the entire process of taking the shot. Your scores will greatly benefit from this.

If you want your hands to move in a path that is parallel to that which your ball will take, you will have to keep your eyes steadily on the ball. Furthermore, you should lean over the ball correctly. To much or too little will affect your balance. As the ball and the club head make contact, keep your hands and club head moving in the same path.

The ability to keep your eye on the ball at all times is necessary for making a good shot. It is even more evident when you are in a position where you have to make an awkward shot. The ball’s location, whether it is on a slope or in tall grass, should not discourage you from trying to achieve accuracy and control. This can be done by learning how to keep your eye on the ball.

Most golfers don’t focus on clearly seeing the ball or having good balance and often look at the club head, its shaft or generally in the direction the ball should be traveling in. the moment a golfers gaze is moved from the golf ball, his chances of correctly hitting the ball greatly reduce. This is the source of most problems for many golfers.

Focus is the key to playing good golf and avoiding many mistakes. If you can keep your eyes on the ball right from the beginning of the swing to the end, your ability to strike the ball correctly greatly increases. Many golf mistakes can be eliminated by following this simple guide. The quality of your game will greatly advance.