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Busby SEO Test Seventh Day

Busby SEO Test has run for 7 days. In fourth day, when I read Google Forum Busby Forum, I realized that in Busby SEO Test we are not allow to use 3 words from the keyphrase for domain name i.e. Busby, SEO, and Test . So, I change my domain name from seofreedom.my24hours.net become smystery.my24hours.net . And I must start from beginning again. Till now I don’t see my blog at 10 Google page, poor me. But don’t worry there’s still a lot of time.

Now I just need to fill this blog with interesting content. Because Busby SEO Test is only for 4 months and I don’t want to waste this domain, so I decide to fill this blog with what I like such SEO articles, mystery books and my photoshop graphic design practices ( Wallpapers ).