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Why People and Google Love Blogs?

Do you know what a Blog is? A Blog just like this Busby SEO Test contestant blog is the amalgamation of two words web and log a web log or Blog for short. Essentially it is an online journal of sorts, you will find a Blog on nearly every subject you can think of. But why is it relevant to your website?

People love Blog and search engines like Google love them too. Why do Google’s (search engines) love them you ask? It’s simple the Blog is frequently updated so their content is fresh on a regular basis. Sites with Blog rank higher then ones without. A Blog is an indication to the SE that the site will be updated frequently. This fresh content in the Blog will attract the search engine’s spiders to index it more frequently. Thus, they rank the website higher due to the regular updates.

What is the draw to the public about Blog? People love stories and Blog are stories about their favourite subjects. Blog gives people a different perspective your personal perspective on the topic. Another reason people love Blogs are that they are interactive (usually). Often along with a Blog is an area where its visitors can leave a comment on the content of the particular post that they are reading.

The added bonus to you as the writer is that you get insight on what your visitors are interested in learning more about. Posts that receive a lot of interest from your guests can be an indication of what kinds of products and services your customers are in need of. You can then add them to your sales items if there is something you can get for them or create the products they are really wanting. Another thing is you can write more articles on their interest providing your readers with more content that they desire. Since your Blog can have an RSS feed, they will know when you have added new content and in that content you can direct them to the products and information they are looking for.

Pay attention to your Blog, update it frequently and visit other Blog sites with the same or similar theme to see what people are commenting on in those postings. This research on other web logs will help you improve your site and better targets your audience.

The one thing that really stands out about web logs above other types of content is that they are personal perspectives of their writers. You can learn a lot about a web site’s owner by reading what they post. You can develop a better relationship with your readers because the content is much more personal and created out of your head rather then on straight research. This personal perspective is what sells the Blog people are looking for advice and things they can relate too.

Visit some Blog look to see if they interest you. Leave a comment and be nice when you do it reflects on you if you are negative. Then get out there and share your own personal perspective on your favourite topics.